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Archive for the ‘Commentary child abuse’ Category

Royal Commission terms of reference

Posted by Secular on January 12, 2013

On the terms of reference for the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse, announced yesterday — this article provides a bit of background and also has a link to the actual terms of reference.

The Conversation provides us with an explainer, and an analysis by the experts. You might find Judy Courtin’s comments of interest in particular. Some here will recall Glen Coulton’s article re the Ellis Defence in Online Opinion. If not, have a read . . . and despair.

While most advocacy groups have been praising the terms of reference one, the Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) has criticised its limits, saying that the limit to sexual abuse only is a mistake in the light of all the other forms of institutional abuse towards children. This seems to be a fair comment, for two reasons. We need to consider that sexual abuse can be used in conjunction with other forms of abuse. Will the Commission be forced to silence victims wishing to put their experiences into context? Furthermore, if such other forms of abuse are not to be considered by this Commission, will those other victims ever have an opportunity to be heard?

Finally, this article posted today gives this Commission its meaning, in its description of the ‘hell house’, a boarding school run by the Salesian brothers between about 1960 and 1990.


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Praise to Almighty Rome

Posted by Secular on December 15, 2012

It didn’t take long.

Article praising a bunch of Catholics praising a Catholic spokesman for saying that, yes, all those cover-ups were not only ‘widespread in the church’ but that he was ‘personally scandalised and disillusioned’.

As whistleblower and NSW Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox tweeted earlier today: ‘ Is “PRAISE” the right word when at the 11th Hr & about to be exposed they plea guilty’.

More contrition, more reform, more ‘healing’. We’ve heard it all before. And yes, this time it could be real, but so what? If it walks like a criminal organisation, and talks like a criminal organisation . . .

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Compass Special: churches on trial

Posted by Secular on December 10, 2012

Screening tomorrow evening, ‘. . . a truly extraordinary 20 year overview that reveals Australia’s shifting attitude to what was once an utterly taboo subject. . .’ This program will be examining the abuse and cover-ups in Australian churches, and presents new research linking child sexual abuse and suicide.

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Callousness, secrecy, coverups

Posted by Secular on November 23, 2012

The Victorian inquiry into child abuse has now been told, ‘Cardinal George Pell showed a ‘‘sociopathic lack of empathy, typifying the attitude and response of the Catholic hierarchy’’ to parents whose daughters were repeatedly raped by a priest.’

This is interesting, in the light of certain of Pell’s comments over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, here’s a report in the SMH on the Catholic Church’s treatment clinic for priests with psychosexual problems: ‘Diagnosis was ‘smokescreen’ to hide known paedophiles’.

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Royal Commission update

Posted by Secular on November 20, 2012

‘Cracking the vows of Silence’, an excellent summary on the forthcoming Royal Commission, supplied by @Peter_Fox59:

Also posted today, ‘the government is asking the states and stakeholders to provide written feedback by next Monday on the terms of reference and the inquiry’s form and timetable.’

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